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History of Indiana Academy

Indiana Academy was started in 1902 as an alternative to public school education.  While the quality of public school education can vary by region, some public schools can be good academically. The founders of Indiana Academy not only wanted to provide a strong academic program, but to instill important characteristics such a honesty, service towards others, work ethics and an opportunity to learn about God. The well rounded individual makes the best citizen and future employee.

Indiana Academy was purposefully designed to be a small, personalized high school, set in a rural setting.  By keeping the classes small, each student gets personalized attention from the teachers and staff.  Students freely interact with each other and very little clicks or racial tensions exist on campus.  In 1915, the school was moved to a 500 acre campus in Cicero, Indiana.  Cicero is a small town thirty miles north of Indianapolis, Indiana with a home town feel, plenty of space to grow and no crime. Shopping is only 15 minutes away in Noblesville and 40 minutes to downtown Indianapolis.

Most students work on campus two hours a day.  This not only provides a source of income to help offset the educational costs, but prepares the students for the future workforce.  Indiana Academy has a partnership with Andrews University's dairy farm and helps raise the new born calfs.  Approximately 800 baby cows are raised to milking age and sent back to the dairy.