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Exploring IA
New students have many questions about what it is like to attend a boarding academy. Here are some of the answers:

In addition to the regular holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break, etc. there are home leaves every 4 1/2 weeks.  Just before a home leave there is a abbreviated school schedule (1/2 day) on Sunday. School gets out on Wednesday at noon and students return Sunday night.  Students are free to go home on the weekends except for a few weekends a year when all the students are requested to stay on campus due to an important event.

Class at IA are on a split schedule which means classes only meet every other day instead of every day. This means that class periods are 80 minutes long instead of 40 minutes. Typically juniors and seniors go to school in the morning and freshman and sophomores go to school in the afternoon. Most students work on campus 2-3 hours per day and the money they earn goes toward their school bill. So if you go to school in the morning, you work in the afternoon or vive versa. Breakfast is at 6:30 AM during the weekdays and classes (or work) start at 7:30. There is a short assembly/chapel every day at 11:45 AM just before lunch. After lunch students go to class or work. Some students have a free period during the day. If you are not in a music program, your day ends around 4:00 PM. Those in music programs go to 5:30 PM on some days. Supper is at 5:30. Recreation (or free time) starts after supper and goes to 7:00 PM. Students can stay in the dorms, go to the gym or ball field. This is the time of intramural sports. There is dorm worship in the respective dorms at 7:00. A two hour study hall starts at 7:30 and goes to 9:30. Lights out are at 10:30. 

Friday evening there is a vespers program in the chapel. Breakfast Saturday morning is in the dorms and Sabbath School and Church start at 9:30.  Lunch is usually at 1:00 PM. Sabbath afternoons activities are usually optional.  This means you can stay in the dorms or participate in one of the programs in the afternoon.  There is a activity every Saturday evening, which is usually mandatory.  Sunday is a free day and is usually unscheduled.  Brunch is at 10:00 and supper at 4:00.  There are town trips for shopping, girl and guy's club activities, and sometimes movies or other activities.  The gym is almost always open Sunday evenings.  There is study hall Sunday evening.
The teachers at IA are much more engaged with the students at IA than in a typical public school.  Not only are the teachers there to teach but also to mentor the students. Each teacher and staff has a group of students they are responsible for.  This includes inviting the students to their homes for vespers and social events.  Teachers and staff encourage students to talk to them about any issues and questions they might have.  Teachers are available to help the students after class and students can email or call the teacher after hours for special assistance.  The teachers and staff are dedicated to the character and spiritual development of each student.  Teachers and staff interact with students on the weekends and are involved in weekend supervision.  Dorm students also have two deans who are responsible for them in the dormitories and act as their mentor and parent away from home. Click this link to meet our staff.

Yes. IA implemented a dress code several years ago.  Dress codes are very common in private schools and in many private schools.  IA's main motivation for doing so was to insure modesty in dress. Please click on this link to view additional dress code information.

One of the success factors of life is choosing good friends with common interests.  Beside the academic aspect, this is the secondary reason why IA exists.  Peer pressure and media influences are a major negative factor in a teen's life.  While not a perfect environment, IA strives to teach Christian principals in all that it does.  Students get to interact with other like minded students in a drug free, safe campus with social activities that uplift Christian values.  There is a social activity every Saturday night and optional intramural sports during the weekdays.  Students participate in Student Association events such as formal banquets, water parks, Christmas parties, etc. Students can also join the Girl's and Guy's Clubs that have weekly events on and off campus.  This includes on campus games, ice skating, bowling, laser tag, skiing, hiking etc.  Check out this link to see some photos and videos of these events.

Project 58 is a service event based upon the commission found in Isaiah 58.  The students take a half day every month to go out into the community and help others.  Click this link to learn more about Project 58.

The 1:1 Apple iPad program was started in 2012.  It replaced all the paper text books and placed in each student hands an electronic tablet that they can use in and out of class. Click on this link to learn more.

Indiana Academy serves typical American food with an assortment of international dishes.  Food is served buffet style and you can return for seconds as desired.  Menu selections are carefully planned and are designed to provide a healthy balance of nutrition.  At lunch there is a large salad bar in addition to the entre line. Fresh fruit, toast and cereal is always available.  Meals are vegetarian.