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Welcome and Getting Started At IA

Greetings and thank you for considering Indiana Academy!  My name is Kathy Griffin and I work in Recruiting and Development. I am very pleased to be part of this organization alumnus of IA. I would encourage you to seek out the best academy for your young person.  Not all academies are equal and have the same mission and focus. Look under the covers, talk to the staff and the students. Check out the spiritual programs. Come visit on site and see for yourself.  We have students that travel across many states to come to Indiana Academy. We are here to teach our young people to how to live in these closing times.  Check out some of our innovative programs, such as Project 58 and the Electronic Classroom.  Are you new to Adventist education? Click here to read an interesting article from The Christian Science Monitor.

Indiana Academy is designed as a small (~100 students) family school. We are selective in our admissions process but we are always looking for students who have a willing heart for Christian service and have academic, leadership, musical or other God given talents. Learn more about IA by click on the "Exploring IA" tab.