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Indiana Academy Dress Code

Indiana Academy uses Lands' End for school uniforms.  Click on the logo below for order information. 


All students must wear the designated Lands' End khaki pants as part of the school day dress code.  No form fitting pants can be worn.  

Polo Shirts

Lands’ End polo shirt with logo. Your choice of color.



Excerpt From The Student Handbook on Dress Code

The general dress code calls for students to wear good quality, neat, clean, and modest apparel that is reflective of Christian ideals, and is appropriate to the activity or occasion. No clothing should contain messages depicting rock groups, the occult, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or inappropriate language, or any other message in opposition to the standards set forth by the school.

Jewelry: Non-functional jewelry (metal, plastic, rubber, leather or cloth) of any kind, including rings, earrings (spacers, studs, or similar items), bracelets, anklets, necklaces, or wrist bands of any kind, is not permitted on campus or at any school-sponsored off-campus function. This includes the dormitory. Jewelry will be taken from the student. Confiscated items can be picked up in the office by a parent or legal guardian.

Hair: It is the responsibility of the student to keep their hair clean and groomed in an appropriate and acceptable manner. Avoid faddish hairstyles and unnaturally dyed hair. If a dorm student wishes to dye his/her hair, the appropriate dean must be contacted with permission from the student’s parent(s).

Makeup: Keep it natural. Do not use heavy eyebrow and/or eyeliner. No dark lip coloring. Only clear polish is acceptable for fingernails and toenails.

Classroom Attire

*  School-approved polo shirts from specified

*  School-approved khaki pants

*  Light weight jackets or sweaters may be worn as part of classroom attire if teacher allows to do so. If it is allowed, the light weight jackets or sweaters may have graphics, text, etc., on them if it is consistent with school guidelines. It is expected that a school-approved polo shirt be worn under light weight jacket or sweater; if it is removed, a polo shirt is required. Students wearing open jackets must wear a school-approved polo shirt under their jackets during school hours. If students are obviously not wearing a polo shirt, they are in violation of dress code guidelines.

*  Appropriate footwear


Attire Not Acceptable for the Classroom or Administration Building:

*  Hats, bandanas, scarves, and other head coverings

Attire Not Acceptable for the IA Campus:

*  Sheer blouses or shirts

*  Tight, form-fitting clothes (no “skinny” pants/jeans)

*  Tank tops/undershirts

*  Any pants with writing across the buttocks

*  Any clothing not covering the midriff

*  Any clothing that is frayed, torn, holes or dirty in appearance

*  Pajama-type clothing

*  At no time should undergarments be exposed.

*  Any other clothing deemed inappropriate by school administration


Sabbath Attire

Approval of attire is left to the discretion of the dean on duty; check with her/him when in doubt.


In honor of the Sabbath, students are requested to wear their church clothes at lunch in the cafeteria to help make the atmosphere of the meal a special occasion.


Sabbath School and Church Attire

·     Acceptable for Boys

Suit or dress slacks (sport coat strongly encouraged)

* Dress shirt with tie, or turtleneck sweater

* Dress shoes and socks

·     Acceptable for Girls

* Dress or skirt. Skirt length must reach no higher than 1" from the bend in the back of the knee. This includes any slits in the hemlines. Denim skirts are not acceptable.

* Blouses, shirts, or tops must cover the torso, shoulders, and abdomen at all times. Necklines should be modest in cut and should be no lower than the parallel line from the top of the armpit-to-armpit front and back. Nothing shorter than a cap sleeve is acceptable.

* Dress shoes


Sabbath Casual

Dress slacks can be worn by both girls and boys. For girls, khaki pants are not considered appropriate for Sabbath Casual designation.

* Sweater, blouse or dress shirt, pantsuit. Necklines should be modest in cut and should be no lower than the parallel line from the top of the armpit-to-armpit front and back.

* Dress shoes (socks required for boys)

* Dress shirt or turtleneck sweater


Banquet and Other Dress-Up Occasions

* Attire must be approved by the dean and/or Dress Review Committee before it is worn to a banquet or other dress-up occasion (such as Graduation Weekend, etc.).

* All students (village and dorm) must obtain this approval one full week before the special occasion.

* Any approved guests must follow the school’s dress guidelines.


Cafeteria Attire

* Sabbath Lunch: Church attire

* School Day Breakfast and Lunch: School clothing

* School Day Supper: School or recreation attire

* Not allowed at any time: Slippers, pajamas, sleeveless shirts

* Not allowed during Sabbath Lunch: head coverings (hats, bandanas, hoods, etc.)


Recreational Attire

* Any type of casual clothing including:

Sweatpants (with no writing across the buttocks)

* Jeans

* Sweatshirts, polo shirts or T-shirts – no sleeveless shirts allowed for girls. Necklines should be modest in cut and should be no lower than the   parallel line from the armpit-to-armpit front and back. Guys may wear sleeveless shirts. If the sleeve opening is too deep (larger than the natural shirt armhole), a tank top is to be worn underneath.

* Modest shorts – loose-fitting and no shorter than two inches above the bend in the back of the knee.

* School attire is acceptable for recreation.